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I’m convinced

I am not a particularly hairy guy, but my bikini area grows rapidly. i’ve shaved with help the traditional way, trimmed it myself with electric clippers, and had the ole bikini wax a few times with poor results. I think i found Tim on CL, and I feel fortunate to have. I had a lot of hair there, and Tim knew his stuff, i felt he was totally competent/professional, and when he finished i was the cleanest I’ve ever been, which made my girlfriend very happy. i highly recommend Tim.Tx, Danny

Danny Fitz

Tim is the best!

Tim is the best! I went for my first waxing ever (Brazillian for boys?) and it was fantastic! Tim is so professional, so experienced…I was over my shyness and nervousness in no time. The facillity is great, the prices are more than fair, and I cant wait to go back for my next visit. I HIGHLY reccomend!


Tim provided an exceptionally thoughtful and thorough waxing

Tim provided an exceptionally thoughtful and thorough waxing of my nether regions! He explained to me the different types of waxes used, why he was using each type of wax where on my body, and made me feel at ease. No waxing is pain free, but Tim but the extra effort to minimize the pain, especially when i explained that I have sensitive skin. Tim was very professional, answering any questions, while also making small talk if I wanted to to distract me from the hair removal. I not only left Tim’s waxing office feeling clean and refreshed, but also better informed and grateful that he took the time to do a great job, even though I called last minute. His expertise and service are unparallelled. I think I will be trying out his massages next! -RCN


I HIGHLY recommend Tim!!!

I have been using Tim’s services for a few years now and I HIGHLY recommend him!!! Amazing results, super professional, clean, comfortable and great conversations. You won’t find better in that industry, his is top notch!!!!

Tony Jacobs

I will definitely be coming back

Best waxing experience I have ever had. Tim was professional, clean, friendly and easy going. I got my chest, stomach, back and butt waxed, the process was fast, and well done. I will definitely be coming back.

Joe Delmonaco

Best waxing experience I have ever had

Best waxing experience I have ever had. Tim was professional, clean, friendly, easy going, and as an extra bonus he is quite handsome. I got my back and butt waxed, the process was fast, and well done. He also gave me great tips on trimming and keeping my skin without irritation. Will definitely be coming back.


Never had a massage or waxings but would love to

Cool site and comments. Never had a massage or waxings but would love to. Like the feeling of little body hair!!


He’s very professional and great at painless hair removal

Tim is amazing – I go to Tim for hair removal on my entire body. I feel very comfortable with Tim and don’t feel “naked” when he’s waxing and/or trimming all that hair. He’s very professional and great at painless hair removal. 🙂


It is very easy to do business with Tim, and I recommend him highly.

Tim has been waxing my back for the past 14 months. I have been VERY happy with the results. Last night, I had my FIRST MASSAGE from Tim. It was my first Massage ever, Tim only did my back, and it was great. He even followed up with me today to see how I felt. I will simply say there is a wonderful absence of tension in my back today, I feel great and I will surely add Massage to how I care for my aging body. It is very easy to do business with Tim, and I recommend him highly.


Tim is the best in the business!!!

Tim is the best in the business!!!

Edward Blee

Your attitude, professionalism, and expertise is outstanding

Hi Tim, Looks great and received a very positive review. Today’s a little tender where you said it would be, so no surprises. Tonight will be the real test… 🙂 I’m very happy with the way everything turned out. As I’m sure you’re aware, I was a little nervous yesterday and didn’t know what to expect. When finished, I was pleasantly surprised. Your attitude, professionalism, and expertise is outstanding. You have a new client. Thanks again and I look forward to scheduling the next appointment in a few weeks! Pete


Tim is excellent

Tim is excellent. I’ve been going to him for over two years so far for waxing and massages. He’s caring and very attentive. I always feel incredible after my appointments. I recently moved to Pennsylvania from New Hampshire for work and will be making trips up to Boston for my waxings and massages. Yes, he’s that good!


Will suggest him to my friends

I had my 1st appt. with Tim for a waxing. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. He explained every step in detail. I will be returning for future appts. and will suggest him to my friends.


Tim’s a personable and engaging guy with a great sense of humor

10-12-11 kerryman I’ve been a client if Tim’s for the better part of the past year. I started with back waxing and massage and have more recently ventured into bikini waxing as well. Tim’s massages only get better over time. As for the waxing, he is slow and meticulous and is careful to explain what he is doing. That experience continues to be virtually pain-free. It is gratifying to always feel attended to, taken care of, and never rushed. His studio is clean, bright and easily accessible. Aditionally, Tim’s a personable and engaging guy with a great sense of humor.

tim medas fwd from client

Thanks Tim. See you again soon

I’ve been shaving my body hair for several years now and was thinking about waxing but could never find a male practicioner. I was thrilled to find Tim online. I made an appointment for a chest/abdomen/full bikini waxing. Although I was somewhat apprehensive Tim quickly put me completely at ease. He explained the whole process as he went along (with a touch of humor)and made it far less painful than I had imagined. Thanks Tim. See you again soon.


Clean, professional, welcoming

Clean, professional, welcoming and kept me at ease… despite my nerves. Tim is a master at his art and is just an all around great guy. Although I was extremely nervous (and tried not to show it), he kept conversation up (w/ the help of his french bulldog… hehe) the entire time, not letting letting my thoughts stray to the procedure (waxing my back & bum). Thank you, Tim… I will surely return.


Tim takes his time and works meticulously

I’ve been to Tim before for both massage and back waxing. I recently decided to be daring and add a bikini wax as well. Unlike many service professionals, Tim takes his time and works meticulously. Whether it’s waxing or massage, he also makes a point of explaining what he’s doing and why. Most importantly – I remain consistently pleased with the results – the massage just gets better each time and the waxing involves minimal discomfort. What’s more – he’s a nice guy with a great personality.


I’m hoping to return regularly

I was recently a first-time client of Tim’s who experienced my first waxing and massage. The waxing was quick and virtually painless and I was thoroughly pleased with the results. Never having had a massage – I didn’t know what to expect. It felt great as I experienced it and left me feeling great afterward. I’m hoping to return regularly.


Tim is absolutely the best

I have been going to Tim for back wax for quite a while now, and he is absolutely the best. The wax is always heated to the right temperature, the place is always clean, and the whole experience is very pleasant. His technique is incredible, it never hurts


My experience with Mr. Medas was beyond exceptional

My experience with Mr. Medas was beyond exceptional. In every facet of the evening he reassured me, assuaged my anxiety, and helped me get comfortable. Not only did he complete the waxing with minimal pain, but he spoke with me heart-to-heart about various issues, and he shared many stories that helped me to understand him a lot better. Mr. Medas’ office is a fantastic work place. Easily accessible from the T stop and immaculately clean, I had no difficulty getting comfortable. His adorable dog, Buddy, helped me to sit back and relax too. I highly recommend Mr. Medas to anyone looking for these types of services. Honesty, integrity, and a sweet personality will greet you at the door for sure.

Zachary Barnard

I highly recommend Tim

A few years back, I visited Tim on a couple occasions for a wax. I had never done it before, and it was much less uncomfortable than I had expected. After I moved away I used someone else’s services, and it was pure agony. The other therapist inflicted pain in ways I never imagined possible and, to make a bad situation worse, behaved somewhat awkwardly and unsympathetically when I expressed discomfort. When I returned to Boston I made sure to revisit Tim, and the process was quick and easy. I don’t know how he does it, but he is very good at minimizing discomfort. He also maintains a professional attitude throughout the process. I highly recommend him.

Boston visitor

Tim is A+. Professional, kind, and thorough

A+. Professional, kind, and thorough. Tim is a master at his work and I’m very happy to have found him! I will surely be back to see him regularly.


Tim offers first-rate services

Tim offers first-rate services in a clean and comfortable environment. And his dog Buddy… well, I think I’m in love!


I had great experience, considering my concerns going in

I had always wanted to get waxing done, but was nervous about the pain and having someone touch me in areas my doctors have not been. Tim was a true professional and explained things in a way I could understand and was comfortable with. Not really surprised since he has 20+ years of experience I left feeling better about myself and can say I had great experience, considering my concerns going in. Love the results, glad I did it.


Tim is an absolute wizard

Tim is an absolute wizard. He has a great understanding of how muscles are put together and how to straighten them out. I have been going to see him for a while for waxing and massage, and have never had a better experience. Thanks Tim !!


Highly recommend your services to friends and family

Tim, I came to you for my first waxing and was pleasantly surprised how quick and painless you made it for me. Your studio is clean and inviting. I would highly recommend your services to friends and family. Thanks again for a job well done! John


Thank you for making me feel so comfortable

Tim Thank you for fitting me in on such short notice. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. That was the least painful waxing I have ever experienced. You are the best!! Looking forward to my next visit with you!


I went to see Tim

I went to see Tim for my first ever waxing…he was knowledgeable, patient, and talented! I left completely satisfied and looking great!


I am definitely going back.

I went to Absolute Karma for the first time this week to get my back waxed. The place is clean and easy to get to with plenty of parking. Tim made me feel very comfortable, he is very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I have been getting waxed for 15-20 years and this has been my best experience so far. I am definitely going back.


Highly recommended!

He is the best therapist I know, totally professional, accommodating, attentive and friendly. I haven’t gotten brave enough to try body waxing but he does my eyebrows and some trims. Highly recommended! Great website and photos! Congratulations my friend.

Rui Barros

Tim was great, quite patient, very professional

Had some waxing done on tuesday, one of the hottest days this year, but Tim was great, quite patient, very professional and I will definitely go back there again

Marc Xavier

Have been waxed from NYC

Have been waxed from NYC to LA to Ft Lauderdale. Never had as pain-free experience as with Tim….he uses an opaque wax I’ve never seen anyone else use….must be the secret!


Tim does a great job!

I visit Tim regularly … I’ve had waxing done and he does a great job … Now, I visit for trim-only sessions (my preference at this point) and he does an equally great job. Attention to detail. Friendly and respectful.


Tim is great!

Tim is great! His new office is very nice and welcoming. He is great at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Joseph T

Thanks for the samples of Tend Skin.

HI Tim: – the waxing. The first three days were a little bumpy. I used the Tend Skin as you directed all over my chest for the first two days. I applied it with a Q-tip on the few bumps that remained after that. I’m down to one bump. Not bad, huh? Thanks for the samples of Tend Skin. So, I should be contacting you again in a few weeks. I am hoping to keep this up. Thanks for making my first waxing not such a bad experience (How’s that for a complement?). Although it hurt at times, you were gentle. You knew all he right words to say, when to be funny, when to ask me questions to keep my mind off the pain, etc. You were always very professional as well. Your studio is beautiful too. See you soon, I hope. Stephen 2-08


Tim is a complete pro

It’s true what everyone has said — Tim is a complete pro who puts his clients at ease and does a great job. I could not be happier with my visit and with the results. I’ll be back! Thanks, Tim.


Results are fabulous

I was brave enough to get my dick and balls waxed – and it was not as bad as I thought it might be. It was no more bothersome than getting the back waxed. And the results are fabulous, well worth it.


Tim is a total professional

Tim is a total professional, his waxings are quick and efficient (Which is exactly what I want them to be.) I recomend Tim to all.

Joe Sweeney

Tim is the best at what he does

Tim has been my therapist for over 10 years and he approaches every single one the same way: with professionalism and quality. Not only is he the best at what he does, he is also a friend and an integral part of my whole mind-body wellness program. Thank you!

Lee Hughes

benchmark for waxing!

You are the my benchmark for waxing!

Donald Henderson, Jr.
Jamaica Plain

Great results!

Great results! Tim is a true professional and is easy to get along with.


Nothing beats Tim’s professionalism

Nothing beats the professionalism of the waxing and massage one can get from Tim.


Waxing is always pain free and pleasant

Tim is great at what he does. Very professional, thorough, friendly and accommodating. I have been going to him for waxing for many years. It is always pain free and pleasant. He’s a great guy!

Michael Ricca


Tim……..I was thinking of you and wanted to send a warm HELLO. I have lost your e-mail address….long story. But I thought I try to google you and voila. Matthew

Matthew James Hall
Key West

He does a great job

I have used Tim for waxing over the past couple of years and he does a great job. He is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humor, which is important when one is getting waxed!


your work was just fantastic, very stimulating, invigorating and educational

Hi Tim: I thought your work was just fantastic, very stimulating, invigorating and educational….all carried out in a discussion with a great sense of humor. It compared to the work I had done by the therapist that I had for a few years I told you about who was “Best of Boston” in Boston magazine a few years ago. ( if that honor means anything!..but he was good). But he moved out of town to get married to his girlfriend who wanted to be closer to her home.

David Perry Studios