Tim Medas

With over 25 years experience, Tim is able to wax any area of your body. Licensed & Certified since 1989

  • Back (Includes Shoulders)
    $ 80
  • Back, Shoulders to Elbow
    $ 120
  • Butt
    $ 60
  • Bikini Full/Partial
    $ 85/70
  • Chest & Abs, Includes shoulders
    $ 70
  • Prior to Waxing Tips
    • Prior to waxing, your body should be clean & dry
    • No moisturizers on the body, and no prior sauna
    • Moisture on the body makes waxing very difficult
    • Waxing after the gym, sauna, or beach day, sun burn is not recommended.
  • Tim's Suggestions
    • Body should be free from creams, lotions & sweat
    • Don’t rush to your appointment.
    • Don’t have a hot beverage prior
    • If you use heated seats that can create sweat also, not recommended.
Tim recommends that you apply a clean “bacteria sweat free” shirt after waxing to minimize possible irritations. You may wish to bring one to your appointment, especially if you’re waxing at the end of your day.

Prepayment of $20 is required on all 1st time appointments

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